Subject Re: [ib-support] Is there any UNIQUE limit?
Author Matteo Giacomazzi
Hi Raul,

Wednesday, July 03, 2002, you wrote:

RC> Note that I don't know what "percorso" means and it may sound
RC> strange or stupid.

Sorry, I sent here my italian version of the table: I forgot to
translate it. Anyway "percorso" means "path". The table should
contains some URLs divided in their main components such as "protocol"
(http, ftp, and so on), host name, port (should be 80 by default),
path, filename and file type (should be its MIME type but to achieve
it I should contact the remote server while I need to resolve it
locally so I use the file extension).

RC> Anyway, this is just a posibility, your imagination may find
RC> others. The ideea is not having very large keys (it is good for
RC> performance, too).

Uhmmm... right, because it is different having one key 400 bytes long
or 2 keys 200 bytes long!

Well, thank you: I already thought to a different structure!

Kind regards,

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