Subject Re: [ib-support] Users group conference ...
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 07/02/2002 01:58 PM (Tuesday), Jason Chapman (JAC2) wrote:
>If you are in the UK or would travel to the UK or would come to a User Group
>meeting or whatever, send me a mail, no promises, just a straw poll.
>Helpful Info:
>1) Edu, Co, Personal
>2) # staff
>3) willing to pay the going rate of 100 - 500 per day for a conference
>4) willing to pay the going rate of 10 - 100 per day for a users meeting

I'd be interested in tacking on a day or so of Firebird meeting time to the
UK Borcon. Probably just be me staying on an extra day. Would also be
interested in an informal gathering of Firebird people who all sign up for
a Geek Cruise. Sort of a pre-arranged birds-of-a-feather group. I'd love to
listen to someone walk through the source code for FB2 and talk about the
layers of functionality.

(This is all mild interest at this point since I am overdrawn on favors
from the spouse at the moment and this would count as one!)

BTW, I floated the idea of an Interbase user group in New England a while
back (twice, I think). Got all of 2 others who expressed interest so
nothing happened. Perhaps an international effort at a yearly meeting would
work better.