Subject Re: [ib-support] Users group conference ...
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)
I would have thought that a bit of usergroup type momentum would be the
place to start, unless you tag on the tail of another event, e.g. Borcon,
same town, possibly even same venue, just a week later / earlier. This way
people may be more able to commit to an extra couple of days.

I would be happy to put my back into a UK Conference (a grand title I

The next event here is the Uk Borcon I guess, September. The DCon (Delphi
Developers Conference has just passed). These things take a massive
organisation, I take my hat off to Joanna et al that organise the UK DCon
for Delphi.

If you are in the UK or would travel to the UK or would come to a User Group
meeting or whatever, send me a mail, no promises, just a straw poll.
Helpful Info:
1) Edu, Co, Personal
2) # staff
3) willing to pay the going rate of 100 - 500 per day for a conference
4) willing to pay the going rate of 10 - 100 per day for a users meeting

Thoughts etc welcome.


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""Leyne, Sean"" <sleyne@...> wrote in message
> Bill,
> > Are there plans afloat for a firebird/interbase users group
> > conference ?
> I had thoughts of organizing such a "Firebird Developers Conference",
> but my business got really really busy so I gave up on the idea...
> I never got around to 'floating' the idea to anyone aside from a couple
> of people, so I I'd be interested hearing what people thought of the
> idea.
> Sean
> P.S. I suspect that Helen (or as she signs it now "heLen") will think
> this is off-topic for this list, perhaps we should move it to the IBDI
> list.
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