Subject Re: [ib-support] Zeos components !
Author Rado Antloga
When release can be expected? I realy like how IBObjects works. I
decided to use seperate DbLibs that are best for each RDBMS.
IBObjects ceartanly is for Interbase/Firebird. I will create Querys
in separate datamodules. With IFDEF I will compile projects regards on
RDBMS. But I'm counting on EDO Objects in the future. I was testing
Zeos with Db2 and found some bugs. I don't now if project is alive.
I have fixed problem with persistent fields. Zeos components have
very close behaviour to IBObjects when using grid for entering data.
They have RefreshBeforeEdit, RefreshAfterPost, and don't lose position
after Query.Refresh. But they have problems with transactions (only for
Interbase, Oracle). Parses for entering string fields don't check for
quotes. Of course there is no documentation. Didn't found how can
I prepare/uprepare query. This is just my short info on testing Zeos

Best Regards
Rado Antloga

> I will be working on a version of IBO that will support DB2 and later on
> to support more databases. The product will be called EDO (Enterprise Data
> Objects). For now, best consider this vaporware, but I am seriously
> at doing this.
> Regards,
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ