Subject Re: [ib-support] Zeos components !
Author Jason Wharton
I will be working on a version of IBO that will support DB2 and later on try
to support more databases. The product will be called EDO (Enterprise Data
Objects). For now, best consider this vaporware, but I am seriously looking
at doing this.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

""Rado Antloga"" <radovan.antloga@...> wrote in message
> Thank's for your answer !
> I don't have to use free components. The problem is that my applications
> have to support different RDBMS. I have Oracle, Interbase and in near
> future I will have IBM DB2. I don't like to write n-tier applications. For
> now I use BDE. I tested CDS in D6 but is to bugy. I also tried SQL direct
> but I'm not satisfied. For Interbase I tested IBObjects and I think it is
> very
> good but support only Interbase/FireBird. It is not easy to decide. I
> checked
> latest Zeos version and don't found any big problems yet using
> Interbase as database.
> Best Regards
> Rado Antloga