Subject Re: [ib-support] Slow performance
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)
> >
> > REC_NB is the primary key
> >
> > the plan is TABLE1 NATURAL
> >
> [snipped]
> > It took over 3.5 minutes to return the first record!

> > Is there any way
> > to get extra umph out of this....
> Yes - put a restriction in the Where clause.
Not for this version of the query, the select should just find the first
record it comes across and return it (some complexity skipped).

I think this must be down to either:
- HW problems (I've seen disk thrashing because of a corrupt HDD).
- A DB with Loads of garbage collection todo with loads of back versions of
records that can't be cleared due to old transaction stuck
- tiny page size, massive record width
- a misleading app as Paul says

Try a backup and restore to a sensible pagesize a re-try.
Whatever, your findings are very unusual, so look to your comfit in some
way. What's your server etc etc.