Subject Slow performance
Author Paul Schmidt
Hiya List:

I have a problem, large table, approx 175 fields, around 190,000
records, I did the following SQL:


REC_NB is the primary key

the plan is TABLE1 NATURAL

Currently the server being used is fairly anemic, a PIII 733 with
64MB, but only one user. Eventually the server will be probably a
P4-1GHz with either 256MB or 512MB, but there will also be 40
users, and the function they use most is the one with the problem....

Database is Firebird 1.0 running on Linux (release)

It took over 3.5 minutes to return the first record! Is there any way
to get extra umph out of this.... I tried using an order by on the
primary key, which simply exchanged execution time for prepare

Paul Schmidt, President
Tricat Technologies