Subject Re: [ib-support] Just curious about building firebird
Author Javier Rodríguez
Thanks a lot for that pointer... the source i was downloading last time was
hopeless broken (tried two times , and stopped the download at 140 Mb... I
suppose some IE fault at that , and the guicvs links in ibphoenix didn't
This one seems to be THE one i was looking for ;)

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Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2002 2:31 PM
Subject: Re: [ib-support] Just curious about building firebird

> Paul Reeves wrote:
> > Javier Rodrguez wrote:
> And I'm glad to see you are all paying attention at the back!
> The source is, of course, available for download as a tarball from
> and has been there since last March.
> I'd still recommend the CVS route for downloading the code, though, as
> it is a lot easier to keep the local code in synch with subsequent
> changes on the CVS server.
Some pointers about what CVS tools you use would be warmly accepted
(er..well , in summer i think cooly accepted would be nicer ;) )
Thanks a Lot , Mr. Reeves.