Subject Re: [ib-support] Just curious about building firebird
Author Paul Reeves
Paul Reeves wrote:
> Javier Rodrguez wrote:
>>I wanted to feel like a real developer (i'm rigth now out of job) , and
>>looked out for the FB1 source for windows , but i cant find it in Ibphoenix
>>nor in firebird , so the question arises:
>>a) Where can i find those sources
> They have never been made available as a tarball or a zipfile. You need
> to pull them off with CVS. (They have been available in the past, but
> no-one got it together for the final release - no reason in particular -
> it just got forgotten.)

And I'm glad to see you are all paying attention at the back!

The source is, of course, available for download as a tarball from

and has been there since last March.

I'd still recommend the CVS route for downloading the code, though, as
it is a lot easier to keep the local code in synch with subsequent
changes on the CVS server.


Paul Reeves
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