Subject Re: [ib-support] What means this message of IB Expert?
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Alessandro,

ale_pira wrote:
> When I open my db on IB Expert, there is a message:
> '238 changes of table (users) left'
> Commit or rollback dont work, becose is not my actual activity, so
> its trash or what?
> Can I do a backup/restore with sweep and/or garbage options that I
> will not loose any data? What should I do for dont have this msg
> again?

This message is just a reminder, not a serious problem (yet..). It's
there to remind you that you can only change the meta structure of a
table 255 times in a row.

after that, you can do a backup/restore which resets the counters to 0.

btw. for questions about IBExpert you should use the newsgroup


(the "home" ng for IBE)

> Thanks a lot,
> Alessandro

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