Subject Re: [ib-support] What means this message of IB Expert?
Author Daniel Rail
At 26/06/2002 05:51 PM, you wrote:
>When I open my db on IB Expert, there is a message:
>'238 changes of table (users) left'
>Commit or rollback dont work, becose is not my actual activity, so
>its trash or what?
>Can I do a backup/restore with sweep and/or garbage options that I
>will not loose any data? What should I do for dont have this msg

Try asking the question with IB Expert's technical support. I don't think
this is a message generated by Interbase or Firebird. I can't find it in
the list in the documentation and I've never seen it before. I've only
seen an error message indicating that I have made 256 changes and that I
need to do a backup and restore to reset that value.

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