Subject Re: Events, Firebird 1 and crash
Author mk_delphi
Hi friends
I got a problem : gds32.dll (FB1) crash using tibevent...
(latest IBX) I resolve the problem using a sleep(50)
between registerevents calls...
Can this help?
(this is the solution I found, I have no idea about
the problem...)
Marco Italy

--- In ib-support@y..., Ola Samuelson <ola@d...> wrote:
> Hi!
> Sorry to bother you if this has been answered, but could not find
> ANSWER just ideas.
> Some have complaints that Firebird crash upon registering events
> delphi apps
> and tibevent. They often have a configuration of either server or
> with multiple
> nics or interfaces.
> I don not - one NIC at client and one NIC at server end.
> Registering events -> crash of Firebird without notice or error
> at server side.
> "Unable to complete network ....."
> Not registering the events -> everything works.
> Local connection works, but no remote connections.
> Setup:
> Client: Any Windows machine with D5 app using latest IBX and
> from FB 1.
> All machines in hosts-file
> Server: FB 1 SS on RH linux 7.2 default networking with one NIC and
> local interface lo(in that order).
> All machines in hosts-file. No firewalling
> Everything else(but not Events from remote clients) works every
> So an application without events - no matter how complex in terms
> queries and tables
> works flawlessly.
> I have seen guesses about gds32.dll and specific ports for events
> ideas that traffic
> is confused by multiple interfaces. Well, it's not that in this
> And - I can reproduce the failure with 100% accuracy.
> Ideas anyone?
> //OLAS