Subject Events, Firebird 1 and crash
Author Ola Samuelson
Sorry to bother you if this has been answered, but could not find an
ANSWER just ideas.
Some have complaints that Firebird crash upon registering events from
delphi apps
and tibevent. They often have a configuration of either server or client
with multiple
nics or interfaces.

I don not - one NIC at client and one NIC at server end.
Registering events -> crash of Firebird without notice or error handling
at server side.
"Unable to complete network ....."

Not registering the events -> everything works.

Local connection works, but no remote connections.

Client: Any Windows machine with D5 app using latest IBX and gds32.dll
from FB 1.
All machines in hosts-file

Server: FB 1 SS on RH linux 7.2 default networking with one NIC and
local interface lo(in that order).
All machines in hosts-file. No firewalling

Everything else(but not Events from remote clients) works every time.
So an application without events - no matter how complex in terms of
queries and tables
works flawlessly.

I have seen guesses about gds32.dll and specific ports for events and
ideas that traffic
is confused by multiple interfaces. Well, it's not that in this case.

And - I can reproduce the failure with 100% accuracy.

Ideas anyone?