Subject InterBase 6.0 to Firebird 1.0
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
I sent this first to the IB-Conversions list and then IB-Support
list, but no one has responded yet. :( If you have a moment, the
questions below are nothing special. I would love to get your input
on the them, if you have time.

Thank you.

I hope conversions from InterBase to Firebird also applies to this list.
Please excuse my ignorance with Firebird, if this is a seemless

I have a dedicated InterBase 6.0 server with some sensitive db that I
cannot lose any data or have any corruption. Of course before I do
anything I will first back up the db's onto a separate medium.

With that said I am also using InterClient 2.0, and at the moment am
only connect to the db's via Java using the JDBC driver.

To begin with when I remove InterBase and install Firebird, is there any
hick-ups I should be aware of. Or should I be able to simple remove one,
install the other, and then go?

Can I still use my existing InterClient 2.0 installation, or do I need
one specific for Firebird. If there is such a thing.

I am seeing something about a Firebird JDBC driver, is it better than
InterClient. Is it more native to Firebird, I would assume it would be?

Any suggestions, comments or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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