Subject Creating Database Question
Author Edson T. Marques
Hi folks;

I guess I having a litle problem generating my databases.
I work in a win98 client with a full time connected Linux (lastest HadRat version equivalent) server.
In my client exists WI-V6.2.794 Firebird 1.0 server Instaled. My server works with the same version of
Firebird for Linux.
I use ERWin for data modeling and for generate databases, and use a personal version of IBExpert to do backups and
other things. To create my softwares I use Delphi 6.

So, in my win98 workstation, I write my database using the ERWin and, through ODBC driver (Easysoft IB6 ODBC), I generate my database directly into a work dirctory of my Linux Server.
The Easysoft IB6 ODBC was configurated in control panel like this:

DSN: gcw
Description: gcw.gdb
Database: m80:/home/etm/dbNew/gcw.gdb
User Name: SYSDBA
Password: ******
With SChema: (Not marked) No Wait: (Not marked)
Dialect: 3
Character Set: WIN1252

Now my questions:

0) The keyword of the problem is "manipulating" the database file. I need to create the database file, work with this file in my company, and to distribute this file. So I need to know: Am I working in right way?
1) I do appreciate any comments about this work style!
2) In this case, am I generating the database in the "Linux firebird environment" or in the "win98 firebird environment"
using the server only like a "directory in the net"?
3) If I need to distribute this database, may I do a backup using the IBExpert in my win98 workstation, using gback
in the server, or this is all wrong?

Best Regards.

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