Subject wait transactions and rollback
Author Danny Garcia Hernandez
Hi All,

I'm having a conflict with a wait transaction (free ib components). In the
client front i have a exec query asociated with a wait trasaction. This
query execute a SP from the database.

create procedure getcounter(type char(3)) returns (counterValue smallint)
declare variable tmpCounter smallint;

select counter from counters
where (type = :type)
into :tmpCounter

if (tmpCounter is not null) then
tmpCounter = tmpCounter + 1;
update counters
set counter = tmpCounter
where (type = :type);

When two or more client's front call SP only one of them get the correct
values of counter, the other client frontl look like nothing was happen (is
comming back to the last state before start de trasaction). I �m sure the
trasaction is comming back without wait. Can any body say me where could be
the problem? Maybe inside Free-IB Transaction component, or maybe a
conceptual problem of mine.

Thanks in advance