Subject Re: [Firebird-odbc-devel] ODBC & Linux
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
Thanks for the response.

> Unless you have an undying love for ODBC, are a masochist, or need multiple
> database support,

Absolutely not the case. I was inquiring it ODBC was an easier way to
go. I have not love or need for it. From what all you said, I would
rather just avoid it.

> there are better ways to do this, for example SQL++ has a Linux
> version if you like spending money,

I like to spend money on hardware, but try to avoid unnecessary expenses
on software/code I can replicate the functionality of myself. Or attempt
to. :)

> IBPP ( has a
> Linux version if you don't. These are C++ libraries, that define classes to handle the
> database, this is often much easier then trying to hack around the ODBC API.

Yes, I have downloaded that and attempted to compile and use it. But I
am not to sure how well the port went from windows to Linux. Or if it
needs to be updated for the version of gcc, and etc. that I am using.
Not sure, I may attempt to contact the developers of that if they are
still around.

> > Not sure if their are differences in the way you connect to IB or
> > Firebird. At the moment I am running IB 6.0, but would like to
> > eventually switch over Firebird. So if there are differences I would
> > like to be aware of them before I get to deep into writing my app.
> Switch now, IB 6.0 has a lot of bugs that were cleaned up in Firebird 1.0, and any
> databases created in IB 6.0 are useable by Firebird out of the box.

I would love to, but have been running trouble free for a long time and
do not want to introduce and problems.

I mostly have concerns at the moment when it comes to accessing the DB
from java via a JDBC driver currently InterClient 2.0. I have posted
those concerns to the IB-Conversions list. Not sure if that was the
right place, but that is where I directed all my migration from
InterBase to Firebird questions.

If you prefer I can send a copy to you for your input on it. Once I have
those concerns answered or addressed I can replace IB 6.0 with Firebird.
As I would like to do this ASAP.

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