Subject Re: Corrupted DB and more errors
Author mivi71dk

I got to environments mixed.

To problems is at a custumers site.

The servere there is called DATABASE-SRV.
The LOG examples has been regenerated here at my site with the
corrupt DB from my customers site.

My clients doesn't crash !

They simply gets some message saying that the server (DATABASE-SRV)
has ended the connection.
I strongly believe it happens under or just after a sweep.

The example with the META UPDATE is because I actually tried to do a
But NONE of my clients do that.
They ALWAYS do Update or Insert. And just a little delete.

They do connect to the DB through BDE.

The connection string points to the physical directory on the server


--- In ib-support@y..., Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 06:48 AM 20-06-02 +0000, you wrote:
> >Hi
> >
> >Earlier on I have posted several things about DB getting corrupted.
> >Besides the "Interbase server terminated abnormally (-1)" I also
> >these errors:
> >
> >unsuccessful metadata update
> >object FARVER is in use
> >
> >When trying to make a update to TABLE farver.
> Do you mean "an update" or do you mean a metadata change? You
won't see
> this message except when trying to do a metadata change on an
object that
> is involved in an unresolved transaction.
> Does your application create and destroy metadata?
> >This although I AM the ONLY USER connected.
> >I'm sitting on a LAN, with the server besides me.
> But your log is showing abnormal terminations. The server doesn't
> that a client crashed and, in any event, the server never completes
> back or commits) client transactions - the client has to do that
but it
> can't if it crashed. There is a high likelihood therefore that
you have
> uncommitted work sitting around in the database.
> Do you have *no* clue as to which client is causing the server to
> crash? Did anyone install an unrelated BDE software around the
time the
> problems started? It only takes one bad BDE setup to break a
> In an earlier message you said:
> ALL my client uses this connection string:
> What is DATABASE-SRV? Is it an actual machine, pointed to by an
> IP address? Or, to put it another way, is C:\EasyPOS\EasyPOS.Gdb a
> path to a directory on the C-drive of the physical machine whose IP
> is pointed to by DATABASE-SRV? In the current log messages your
> machine seems to be called "udvikling".
> That will do for this message. This thing is already confused
> heLen
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