Subject Corrupted DB
Author mivi71dk

I have posted several messages earlier about my DB getting corrupted.
I use Firebird version 1.0
It runs on a server running 2000 with all SP installed.
I have gotten my hardware checked, and found no errors.

On my server there runs a program called NTVDM.EXE which at times
takes up to 100 % of CPU time (and 90 % kernel time)

Then after my DB gets corrupted, I have these values when running

Oldest Transaction 4848
Oldest Active 28304
Oldest Snapshot 28304
Next Transaction 28306

To solve my problem I have to do a Backup - Restore.
Then it all works perfect.

Now my new question:

Could it be, that my DB doesn't get enough time (because of NTVDM)
when the sweep function kick in ?

Does sweep ALWAYS sweep when the difference i 20000 exactly or just
shortly after ?