Subject Re: How take Backup and Restore throu API call
Author jyotindra_bhoyania
Thanks for your Reply.

I had gone throu the Operation Guide(DataBase Backup and Restore).
I had Tried it.
Database(Test.gdb) is on the Server,Where i what take Backup and
Restore (same machince).
gbak [-B] [options] database target
Now I have a DataBase in C:\Programe Files\Firebird\Test.gdb and
C:\Programe Files\Firebird\Test.gbk.
Now I want to take backup from command prompt.
I had tried the following systax.
gbak -b -user SYSDBA -pa masterkey Test.gdb Test.gbk;

It give following error Excepted page size ,encountered "masterkey"

gbak -b -user SYSDBA -pa masterkey Test.gdb 590k Test.gbk 590k;

It give following error Excepted page size ,encountered "masterkey"

I had tried -se option also
I had give full path.
But it is give me error.
Please guide me.

I am site stuck.


Jyotindra B. Bhoyania.

--- In ib-support@y..., Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 06:04 AM 15-06-02 +0000, Jyotindra Bhoyania wrote:
> >Hello Friends,
> >
> >I what to take Backup and Restore throu API call.
> >Now what are the step.
> >
> >gbak -create -mode read_only old_database.gbk new_database.gdb
> >gfix -mode read_only database.gdb
> >
> >I had tried like this for example
> >gbak -create -mode read_only
> >'C:\Program Files\Firebird\Examples\V5\employee.gbk'
> >'C:\Program Files\Firebird\bin\jbb1.gdb';
> >
> >But it is give me error.
> >Now I do not about the parameter and how to give the Parameter.
> >If Some can help me.
> >I am Stuck.
> If you are doing it through the Services API it's no good trying to
> gbak from your application. Get hold of the APIGuide.pdf manual
and follow
> the instructions there for using the Services API.
> heLen
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