Subject Re: [ib-support] upgrading to Firebird
Author Frank Ingermann

randmonroe wrote:
> Moving from InterBase 4.1 to Firebird seems to me a good decision,
> however as all good things come to an end. What is going to keep the
> Firebird fire going? After all, it does take time, effort, and $ to
> makes things go. Is Firebird going to start selling it's wares
> sometime in the near future? Not that I'm against such things. I just
> need to get an idea since we are moving the company database. What
> about documentation?

have you considered buying the IBPhoenix CD?
(single buy or subscription is possible, see for more)

That would answer several of your questions all at once :-)
- you'll financially support the Firebird project
- you'll thereby help ensuring a long lifetime
- you'll get just about all the documentation available plus a
fulltext searchable knowledge database (there's ~600MB on the CD!)

of course you can also get documentation online. is a good place to start.
You might also want to have a look at my site,
there's lots of links on there to other sources of documentation
about Firebird.

...and no, i don't think "Firebird is going to start selling it's wares
sometime in the near future" - after all it's an open source project ;-)
The CD is mainly made for raising some money for development, and you
don't *have to* buy the CD to use FB. But it helps, both yourself and the


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