Subject Re: [ib-support] How to utilize maximum memory.
Author Artur Anjos
I already tried it, months ago, with RC2.
I used a W2K Pro as Server, with IDE hard disks (SCSI hard disks act
better), and the W2K driver for RAM Disk (free from M$, with source!).

I've got very good improvements in Restore operations, so I must expect also
that it could help a lot in big queries.


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>As I see now almost all RAM is unused, but Firebird create huge temp files
>during heavy "selects". It is so far to start swapping. Should I create
>RAM disk for temp files?

I truly don't know whether a RAM disk will be recognised if it is
configured as a temp sort file. I hope someone can answer you. If I had
that much RAM available on my Win box (and I don't) I would try it and
see. Why don't you try it? (And tell us the results).

If you don't know how to configure your sort space, look at the Using
Firebird manual (if you have it) in the section Configuring the Firebird
Server; alternatively, you can find similar information in the IB 6
OpGuide.pdf on a search. To ensure that FB won't do its default thing
(i.e. use the Windows TMP directory) configure things thoroughly so that
the RAM disk is the first space it uses. Make sure you also configure some
sort space on a hard disk as well (place it AFTER your RAM disk) so that
you don't blow out on big sorts.

>It looks like old ugly DOS.

And we should be surprised about that? <g>