Subject RE: [ib-support] How to utilize maximum memory.
Author Leyne, Sean

> This issue is not directly related but i would like some help on it.
> How about memory used by server per connection in Classic
> version, does it actually use 10-20 Mb per connection or per
> user? Does it work the same way for Linux and Windows O.S.?

First, Classic and SuperServer always operate the same regardless of the
OS, so there is no difference between Win and *nix.

Second, there will be a new parameter for the "IBConfig" file to define
the sort/temp cache size.

Third, (I hope I understood Dmitry on this one) like all caches, in the
case of SuperServer, there is a single cache which is shared by all
connections. In the case of Classic, each database connection gets it's
own cache. This is exactly the same way that the standard page cache