Subject Re: [ib-support] How to utilize maximum memory.
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:38 AM 13-06-02 +0300, Andrew Guts wrote:
>Hello, ib-support.
>How to configure Firebird or Interbase for using more than 65535 buffers per
>database. Each buffer is a 4Kb, isn't it?

True, if your database page_size is 4096 - since each buffer is one
database page.

>So server can utilize only 256Mb RAM, inspite of 2Gb avaliable. Gfix does not
>accept more than 65535 buffers.

You can have up to a 16Kb page_size in Firebird 1 - potentially your
maximum cache size is 1 Gb. It doesn't make sense to set the default cache
higher than it needs to be though - there is no point in starving the
server to feed a large cache that is under-utilized. Also you don't want to
make it so large that, at times, cached memory might need to be paged to
disk - this defeats the purpose of caching.


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