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Author csswa
You will be hard pressed to find any comparison. From what I
understand, MSSQL and others specifically forbid publishing
comparisons. And if you do find a comparison, chances are it will be
a) skewed towards whomever paid for the test, b) flawed because the
participating servers where not optimized correctly, c) flawed
because one setup does not reflect the hundreds of setups possible
according to a business's db needs, d) etc.

The only valid test is to create a basic setup along the lines your
client needs and then plug in different servers optimized as best you
know how.

It would be nice to have a canonical reference that says this is
faster than that, this is more secure than that and so on, but it's
just not possible when it comes to database servers.

In my experience, if you are up against an I.T. department full of MS
drones then your chances of getting Firebird/Interbase in the door
are slim to nothing. If you have a client who isn't kept on a short
leash by his I.T. dept then you have a good chance of pushing the
opensource/free/mature/simple aspects of FB. Good luck!

Andrew Ferguson
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--- In ib-support@y..., Daniel Bertin <bertin@s...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm presenting a proposal and want to compare FirebirdSQL to
> another database server maybe 2
> Would MS-SQL be valid choice? where would I find a document which
would do
> such a comparison
> Thanks for any information.
> Daniel