Subject Interbase Backup
Author Dalton Calford
I am trying to restore a database from a multi-volume backup file created via
the Firebird backup services API.
(I was using IBadmin version 3)

The backup worked fine, but, unfortunately, the restore does not work.
IBadmin does not process the restore.

Now I have a 19 2GB files that I need to restore into a single database.
Unfortunately, other utilities that I have such as IBConsole and IBBackup,
both complain about the database not having a correct path - thier validation
routines look for a ":" in the path and Linux does not use ":" except for
when you specify a server - this does not work in a multi-file restore.....

Gsplit does not recognize the multiple files since it did not create them....
I would like to tell the command line gbak tool to restore from the 19 source
files into a 30 file target database.

Does anyone have any suggestions ?

best regards