Subject Problem connecting with client
Author Joe Martinez
Normally, I'm able to figure these out, but this one has me stumped:

Two computers networked. Server is running Windows XP, and Firebird
0.9.4. Client is Windows 2000, with the FB 0.9.4 "client only" install.

When the client tries to connect to the server via TCP/IP through my
app, they get "Unable to complete network request to host...Unknown
WIN32 Error 10061". I know that this means "connection refused", but I
can't figure out why. I've tried connecting via both the name and IP
address, and all the normal things:

Client can ping the server, both by IP address and by name.
Both the client and server have the correct GDS_DB entry in the services
Server can connect to itself, both with a local connection, as well as a
loopback connection (server name localhost).
Server doesn't have any firewall software installed that the user knows

Any more ideas?