Subject Re: [ib-support] Two things Firebird needs for corp acceptance
Author Paul Schmidt
On 10 Jun 2002 at 12:59, mp527 wrote:

> The two things the corp developer is looking for is:
> 1. The ability to query another database on the same server from a
> stored procedure. Why, datastores are easier to implement for one.
> Without this you could end up with hundreds of tables in a single DB.

If the database is designed properly, then this isn't really a problem, in fact it means
fewer problems, one of the problems with having separate databases all over the
place is keeping them synchronized, users (and system operators) can't always
grasp the idea that when you restore DatabaseA (3MB) that you always need to
restore DatabaseB (17.5GB) as well, so 95% of the time, they don't and then you
end up spending two weeks trying to put the pieces back together (been there, done

> 2. Tempory Tables that can be created and destroyed from a stored
> procedure. This is a comman practice in Sysbase, MS SQL Server and
> Oracle. Why? because it is a accepted method to make complex queries
> and calculations in a stored proc easier to maintain.

Temp tables were invented by a DB maker who couldn't create a proper
implementation of views. Temp tables also have problems, one of which is
fragmentation of the database space. Since FB SPs can return values, and that
they can be used in a view (I have at least one of these structures in a project), the
need for temp tables is greatly reduced. Another problem with temp tables, is that
they take time to create. If you really want that kind of construct, you can create a
permanent table adding a user field to the creation query. Then you insert the
records, use them as long as you need them, then delete the records, using the user
field as the filter.

> These two things are the biggest complaint I have been getting from
> our corp DBAs who I have convinced to use Firebird.

It depends on how the DBA's were trained, if they were trained to pass a certification
exam, then yeah it could be difficult, if they progressed from DBase to Paradox to
Access, to Oracle, then learning FB is a piece of cake.

> I am not a c/c++ coder, but if there is anything else I can do to help
> let me know.
> I can tell you this, if firebird adds these things IB Phoenix will
> sell more support and subscription CDs :-)
> Tony Caduto
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