Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: 24x7
Author Paul Schmidt
On 8 Jun 2002 at 4:06, sminni wrote:

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> > [...snip...all about 24/7 on WinNT not so bad after all...]
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> > Another point is to schedule a backup/restore every couple
> > of weeks. You may be able to do without it, but if there is
> > any 'instability' in the system, the restore will help keep
> > things running.
> >
> what is the usual practice of sheduling backups
> and is it with the Database live & running

I always find the simplest rule should be based on how much information you can
afford to lose. For example on most systems it's roughly one day, so you want to
schedule a backup each day, based on the time of the lowest activity level. In most
cases the lowest activity is the middle of the night. You can do a backup with the
database live and running.

As for a restore, I would do a restore to an alternate file at least once after making
changes to the database structure, perferably every couple of weeks or so. This is
to make sure the backup and restore mechanism are working properly.

Every couple of months or so, schedule down time, this is a block of six - twelve
hours or so, when you do system "maintenance", you put the database into
"shutdown mode", do a backup and restore of the production database (use a
different file, so if it doesn't restore, you still have the original), once it's done, you
reboot the server, and then make it available again. This is the time you can also
apply patches and updates to the system, and make sure they actually are used.

Paul Schmidt, President
Tricat Technologies