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Hello Michael,

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> 4. As far as i know there is no(!) redo log utility like in Oracle.
> would like to have it, but i did not find such a tool. If you need
> recover your data after a crash to a state after your last backup,
> have no tool to do this. Start keing in :-(
> I'm currently thinking of realising it by myself, but I'm not a good
> C++ programmer...

Regarding roll-forward logging, you will find this article by Dalton
Calford of some interest:

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> 5. Pay attention to the size of your database files. If the one or
> last file of your database grows over the maximum file size of your
> OS, your database will be corrupted.
> 6. Pay attention with sweep. We switched it off. Sweep is now done
> a low usage time (started with a cron job).
> Hope my suggestions will help you.
> Best regards
> Micha