Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Mass insertion speeds - Followup
Author Jason Frey
As a final follow up for anyone who's interested.. Don't use IBConsole for large inserts. :)
It's written such that it will not do well with large script files. The control on the SQL Query window just doesn't do well with large script files (Probably the syntax highlighting). Small ones, eh, you'll be fine. I've not done much in the way of exploring different size files and seeing where the performance dropoff is.
I wrote my own REALLY stupid script runner that didn't load the entire script file up into memory, just dealt with it with file pointers and line by line reading, and I jumped up to 225,000 records a minute for insert speeds (As opposed to my 15,000 records a minute I was getting with IBConsole).. Much more what I was expecting.
Again, I don't think it's IBConsole's method of connection to the database (Heck, I used Interbase Express for this dumb little app, and that's what I've been told IBConsole uses), I think it's more just inherent flaws with the visual controls that the author of IBConsole used.
Ah well, what a fun night.. Blech. :)

- Jason

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