Subject FB/ODBC access from app with multiple threads
Author mircostange
Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to chase an error that occurs in an application
which is using the Gemini ODBC driver to connect to a FB database. I
suspect there might me something wrong with the way my multi-threaded
app accesses the database. Not knowing of the restriction in FB, all
threads share a single database connection, which is local. Reading
the threads here, I found out that this seems to be a bad idea.

However, to my surprise the app runs perfectly on 3 different PCs;
only 2 (the faster ones) cause problems. Those occur in my app, not
in any of the FB libs, so the error may well be in a different place.

Just to make sure there is no potential problem: if all threads share
a single database connection and it is ensured that only one thread
uses any of the ODBC/FB api functions at a time, is the restriction
still an issue or would it be safe then to share a connection?

Best regards