Subject Re: Secondary file question
Author tcaduto
Thanks for the response, I know the diff between the two, I just
figured everyone would know I was talking filesystem.
The kernel we are using is 2.14.18, I assume it can support files
larger than 2gb.
It's just a convienence thing when you don't have to monkey around
with secondary files.

I would have figured that the linux 64bit FILE I/O would have been
fixed already, since that is the great thing about open source.


Tony Caduto

> Of course! See the Opguide.
> Also, you need to de-confuse yourself about "64-bit linux". 64-bit
> to system bandwidth - a kernel issue - does your Linux kernel support
> 64-bit I/O? The huge file issue is a *filesystem* issue, not a
> kernel/bandwidth one. Does your Linux distribution support a
> that is capable of handling *files* larger than 2 Gb?
> As I recall, the 64-bit problems are a real grey area, since it seems
> impossible to determine which kernels actually support 64-bit I/O.
> The huge file problem surfaced quite early and, quite simply, there was
> nobody at the time who came forward offering to test on different Linux
> distros. I believe Pavel developed on Mandrake 8.something - you
can check
> the releasenotes, anyway.
> It seems to me that some people are picking up on buzzwords without
> understanding their significance. If someone really *needs* high
> I/O or huge file support on Linux, that someone would/should take
steps to
> get it.
> Some Windows platforms support both. (Some don't, as well). If
these are
> the issues determining your customer's choice between Firebird and
> then the capabilities of the Linux versions are irrelevant. They
can't run
> MSSQL on Linux; and they can get 64-bit I/O and huge file support with
> Firebird on Windows.
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