Subject Re: [ib-support] Secondary file question
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:53 PM 02-06-02 +0000, Tony Caduto wrote:
>Since 64bit linux is a bust for awhile....
>is it possible to add secondary files to databases that are aready

Of course! See the Opguide.

Also, you need to de-confuse yourself about "64-bit linux". 64-bit refers
to system bandwidth - a kernel issue - does your Linux kernel support
64-bit I/O? The huge file issue is a *filesystem* issue, not a
kernel/bandwidth one. Does your Linux distribution support a filesystem
that is capable of handling *files* larger than 2 Gb?

As I recall, the 64-bit problems are a real grey area, since it seems
impossible to determine which kernels actually support 64-bit I/O.

The huge file problem surfaced quite early and, quite simply, there was
nobody at the time who came forward offering to test on different Linux
distros. I believe Pavel developed on Mandrake 8.something - you can check
the releasenotes, anyway.

It seems to me that some people are picking up on buzzwords without really
understanding their significance. If someone really *needs* high bandwidth
I/O or huge file support on Linux, that someone would/should take steps to
get it.

Some Windows platforms support both. (Some don't, as well). If these are
the issues determining your customer's choice between Firebird and MSSQL,
then the capabilities of the Linux versions are irrelevant. They can't run
MSSQL on Linux; and they can get 64-bit I/O and huge file support with
Firebird on Windows.


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