Subject Re: [ib-support] Is a fix planned for the 64bit Linux problem?
Author Paul Reeves
tcaduto wrote:
> I convinced people to use the 64bit version of linux over MS SQL
> server now if they find this out I will be forced to go back to MS.

I'm not sure that I follow. SQL Server doesn't run on Linux, does it?

And what is the big deal with 64-bit file i/o, anyway? Are you telling
me that everything else stacked up so tightly that large files swung the
decision in favour of Firebird/Linux? I find that hard to believe.

> I sure hope a fix is in the works.

I've not heard of anything. Remember, this is open source. If you want
something done you need to either do it yourself or hire someone to do
it. To take the closed source mindset, (ie, it's someone elses business
to write the code) and just expect a world class freebie is not how it

Someone needs to take the code and a debugger and some time to go
through and find why (in unix.c, probably) things don't work for the
Linux implementation. So far no-one has considered it important enough
to do this.


Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase