Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: FireBird can work with NetBeui ?
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:25 AM 30-05-02 +0000, you wrote:
>Thank to all,
>but at now i haven't solved my problem.
>I have some Win98 PC, all the PC have NetBeui installed and it work
>fine for shared drives and printers.
>In one of this Win98 PC i have installed FireBird.
>FireBird work fine on the Server but i can't make a connection to it
>from all the other Win98 Client PC.
>For test purpose, i have installed TCP/IP on the Win98 FireBird
>Server and another Win98 Client and using TCP/IP protocol the
>connection are established without any problem.
>Then i think there are some problem with FireBird and NetBeui
>protocol on Win98, this is right ? I must re-configure all the PC in
>the network with TCP/IP ?

"Problem"? No - the Win98 operating system simply does not have what is
needed to be a NetBEUI server. This is clearly documented in the IB6
OpGuide and also in the Using Firebird manual. If you need to use a Win98
or ME machine as a server for Firebird or InterBase, TCP/IP is your only

You need not reconfigure the PCs. They can still use NetBEUI for their
file and printing services (which is what peer-to-peer networking was
designed for). They should have the TCP/IP protocol installed - but most
Win98 edtitions either install it by default or have it readily available
in the core network setup. Desirably, TCP/IP should be at the top of the
protocol stack, to avoid the NetBEUI "noise" that will slow your TCP/IP
communications down. However, you *will* need to configure a HOSTS file
entry for each client, and provide an IP address for the server
machine. (Since you commented that you had already tested it successfully,
I guess you know this already :)) )

Some "don'ts":
Don't use the database server machine as a file or printer server in the
peer-to-peer network.
Don't locate the server on a machine that is being also used as a client
(for either TCP/IP or NetBEUI). The database server needs its resources
for itself.
Don't locate database files anywhere except on the server machine's hard
drives or RAID.


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