Subject Re: FireBird can work with NetBeui ?
Author enricorav
Thank to all,
but at now i haven't solved my problem.

I have some Win98 PC, all the PC have NetBeui installed and it work
fine for shared drives and printers.
In one of this Win98 PC i have installed FireBird.
FireBird work fine on the Server but i can't make a connection to it
from all the other Win98 Client PC.

For test purpose, i have installed TCP/IP on the Win98 FireBird
Server and another Win98 Client and using TCP/IP protocol the
connection are established without any problem.

Then i think there are some problem with FireBird and NetBeui
protocol on Win98, this is right ? I must re-configure all the PC in
the network with TCP/IP ?

Best regards,
Enrico Raviglione.

--- In ib-support@y..., Andrew Guts <andr@f...> wrote:
> Daniel Rail wrote:
> > Also, TCP/IP will be your faster connection. The NetBEUI
protocol uses the
> > TCP/IP protocol for network connections, so the network packets
will be
> > larger than just TCP/IP.
> I can't agree. NetBEUI is slower when you are using wrapper:
NetBEUI over TCP/IP.
> Pure NetBEUI is faster than TCP/IP.
> But since W2k pure NetBEUI was removed by MS.
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