Subject Re: FireBird can work with NetBeui ?
Author enricorav
i don't understand, i can see correctly the network drives (from my
client) but i can't make a valid connection to FireBird server.
If NetBeui was disabled why i can see my network drives ?

I have test the Database connection with IBConsole (Server->Diagnose
connection -> Netbeui) and this is the error message:

Attempting to attach to SERVER using NetBEUI.

An error occurred attempting to connect to SERVER
using the following named pipe:

NetBEUI Communication Test Failed!

Some news ?

Enrico Raviglione.

--- In ib-support@y..., Paul Reeves <paul@f...> wrote:
> Enrico Raviglione wrote:
> > Hi to all,
> > i have some Win 98 PC connected to a Win 98 FireBird Server with
NetBeui but
> > i can't see the server, with TCP/IP all work fine... FireBird
support only
> > TCP/IP ?
> >
> The problem you are seeing is nothing to do with Firebird.
> deliberately disabled NetBuei on Win95/Win98 servers. You have to
> tcp/ip.
> I don't know whether this limitation still exists under WinXP
> edition.
> Paul
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> Paul Reeves
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