Subject No problem , but help needed !
Author kiki446
Hi ,

I am using Firebird , but just don't have a clue how to implement
this one :

Let's call table A (invoices) with fields : Invoice_ID integer ,
invoice_sum numeric(16,3)
Other fields are not important .

Let's call table B ( payments ) with fields : payment__id integer,
payment_sum numeric(16,3)
Other fields are not important .

Finaly , I need to have table C ( it's table where it can be seen what
invoices is payment closing ( or partially closing )

with fields : payment_id integer , invoice_id integer, closing_sum

So , question is : how it is possible to automate inserting in table
C based
on inserting rows in table B
( of course - table A is already existent with data ).

Thanx , Goran