Subject FireBird UDF's Thread Safe ...
Author pythianjdi
Hi all,

i need to code some udf's for FireBird/Windows. In the udf's i need
to use some unit local variables for calculation's.

In the IBPhoenix ( )i read
an article on this topic, wich among other things, it suggest the use
of the "threadvar" instead of "var". But in the Delphi 6 Enterprise
Help, the use of the "threadvar" is discouraged in dll ( in bpl it's
ok ).

Snipped from the Delphi Help :

>>Do not create pointer- or procedural-type thread variables, and do
>>not use thread variables in dynamically loadable libraries (other
>>than packages).

The "threadvar" approache is suitable for my need, so i want to ask
which is true ?

Use or not Use the "threadvar" on a dll/udf ?

Dimitris Ioannidis

PS: Sorry for my English ...