Subject Re: Limit selection + firebird stability
Author csswa
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> in MSSql:
> "select top 10 * from table_name"
> what is the similar syntax in firebird? I've read Interbase6.0 SQL
reference, but dont find answers there.

select first 10 * from table_name

This returns records 1-10 (i.e. top ten) of your set

You can also use SKIP, e.g.

select first 10 skip 5 * from table_name

This returns records 6-15 (i.e. top ten after skipping first 5) of
your set.

> 2.
> how stable is firebird right now? both in Linux and Windows. this
might be a silly question since there are references of
> firebird users in but, when I surf this mailinglist
archieve for a while, there are topics about firebird crash
> and some problem arises. so, i need another opinion or suggestion
in which area firebird can/can't be used.

Firebird crashes when it is used outside recommended guidelines, like
using suspect UDFs or writing your own API stuff without thorough
debugging. While FB/IB is robust and stable (it is over 15 years
old, after all) there are ways to crash it, same as any other DBMS.
However IB/FB has always taken the approach that data integrity comes
first. So don't for a second think that FB is unstable or untested
or unproven. Until you can verify this with your own experience have
a look at, or in the group database links table, and
read up on its history and case examples.

Andrew Ferguson
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