Subject Re: [ib-support] 2 identical numbers from the same generator ?
Author Paul Reeves
Duilio Foschi wrote:

> But before I start a thorough investigation, the question is : is there the
> least possibility (or a known bug) that allows a generator to release the
> same number to 2 different transactions ?

I'm of a philosphical persuasion and would hesitate to ever say
something was 100% impossible. But think about this for a moment.

Generators are typically used to create unique identifiers for primary
keys. This feature is widely used in thousands, if not hundreds of
thousands, of databases every day. If there was the slightest
possibility of duplicate values being generated in the engine I think we
would be seeing many, many reports of SQLCODE -803 'violation of PRIMARY
or UNIQUE KEY constraint' errors.


Paul Reeves
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