Subject I think I found the solution
Author Vinicius
I have posted a problem that I have with Firebird 1.0 and I think that the
same problem can occur with interbase so I want to post to make a small
discussion about this, first of all, I start to have a problem when I use a
Timer in my Delphi program after some time that the program is running the
firebird send me a message of error : "Too many concurrent executions of the
same request", so I decide to test it out of my program and I start to do
the same SELECT at 1 and 1 msec, and the problem doesn't occur, so I decide
to just to create the IBTransaction component of the form when I open the
form, because I am using many datamodules, one for it form, and in wicth
datamodule I have one transaction. After I have do this my problem stops.

So I want to know it really is the awnser of the problem?
My program has something like 20 datamodules...
So I can have simutaneos +/-25 transactions of the same program.
And another question is, if the problem is the many transactions why it just
occurs when I have open and close one of the transaction many times:

Timer1Timer(sender : TObject)


Vinicius Marques De Bernardi
( Try to make the things work... )