Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Table Unknown Error
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:02 AM 20-05-02 +0000, you wrote:
>Andrew -
>Thanks for the reply. I modified my create script to the following:
>create database 'e:/misc/firebird/java/javatest.gdb' user 'SYSDBA'
>password 'masterkey';
>connect 'e:/misc/firebird/java/javatest.gdb';

You don't need/shouldn't have both a CREATE DATABASE and a CONNECT
statement in the same script. If CREATE DATABASE succeeds, isql connects
you to it... what surprises me is that you are not getting an error back
from isql.

Anyway, apart from correcting this in your script, to ensure that you
really do create the database, I can suggest two things:

1. Yes, I know that the doc says you can use back or forward slashes, but
why not use backslashes, since you are on Windows?

2. Assign a page_size in your create database statement. The default 1K
page size is 200% useless for most purposes. Go for 4K or 8K.

3. Use SET AUTODDL in your script - set ON before the DDL starts and OFF
when it is finished. That will ensure that the DDL gets committed on the
server before you begin trying to feed DML into it.

>Regarding IBAccess - I've been using IBExpert Personal, and only tried
>IBAccess when my java test app failed. I found it curious that isql
>and IBExpert succeed, while IBAccess & JDBC fail with similar errors.

A script can't go through the SQL interface. Are sure that IBAccess and
the JDBC driver actually interface with isql?


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