Subject Re: Table Unknown Error
Author milesclark
Andrew -

Thanks for the reply. I modified my create script to the following:

create database 'e:/misc/firebird/java/javatest.gdb' user 'SYSDBA'
password 'masterkey';
connect 'e:/misc/firebird/java/javatest.gdb';

create table MYUSERS (
id integer not null primary key,
name varchar(80)

insert into MYUSERS (id, name) values (1, 'mmc');
insert into MYUSERS (id, name) values (2, 'joe');
insert into MYUSERS (id, name) values (3, 'fred');

The same error occurs.

Regarding IBAccess - I've been using IBExpert Personal, and only tried
IBAccess when my java test app failed. I found it curious that isql
and IBExpert succeed, while IBAccess & JDBC fail with similar errors.

thanks again,


--- In ib-support@y..., "csswa" <csswa@y...> wrote:
> > create database 'javatest.gdb';
> Use a fully qualified path and include username and password
> parameters in the create database statement. Consult the docs on the
> subject of connection string and creating databases. If you do not
> have the docs, look in the Group Database area (New-User Links) to
> locate them.
> Also, I'd recommend against using IBAccess. I found it to be a very
> rudimetary tool at best -- and why use something basic when you have
> excellent, free, all-in-one FB/IB tools like IBExpert personal
> edition and IB_SQL at your disposal.
> Regards,
> Andrew Ferguson