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The LEGACY Foundation International
Legacy has Network marketing history(30 years history)
LFI has provided the highest possible pay plan in the industry!

"Who is Lanis Group SA?" Lanis Group SA is a third party
management/accounting firm. All funds go directly to
Lanis Group SA, who assures that commissions are properly
accounted to LFI Members.

The best times of this opportunity lay ahead !
Legacy: "That which is of value, handed down from a predecessor"
How are you living today, financially, and what are you building
as your Legacy?

there is a great wealth of training in the members area of this
customized site.
There are audio/visual trainings on every aspect of building your LFI

After you become a paid member, The first thing you should do is
your LFI URL in the rotator provided by our founders
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Are you your only income-producing asset? Or ¡¦.
Do you have assets that are producing your income?

Lets face it, more and more, people are looking for ways
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(estimated to be 97 million by 2010).Whether you want
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Wealth creation and Asset protection can be a reality
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In fact, LFI was created to provide you the opportunity
to build a Legacy for you, your family, and your loved ones.
These three simple ideas are the foundation of our company:

ELIMINATE DEBT - quickly, systematically, permanently
CREATE WEALTH - immediate income & residual income
PROTECT ASSETS - build preserve a financial foundation

Please review this simple program that can produce
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