Subject local or remote (locally)
Author Aage Johansen
My batch jobs for backups and sweeps have always used a 'local' connect
string - no 'localhost:'. I've also run some other tasks from the server,
always using a local connection. This has always worked without any
hickups. Using the 'local' connect has in some cases been about twice as
fast as when using 'localhost:').
Now, as one is advised not to use a local connection at the server (at
least when someone might be connecting from a remote client) it would be
great to have the _final_ word on this.
Having used WinNT4 with IB/5.x, now using Win2k with Fb/0.94 (soon to be
Fb/1.0.1 - will simultaneous local and remote connections work at all).

Aage J.