Subject BDE and ODBC
Author andre_peron
My application supports SQL Server, DB2 and IB. I'm using BDE native
drivers for this. But i have a problema only with IB about the
numeric fields. I know i have to migrate to dialect 3 to solve the
problem. I try 2 things:

1. install BDE 5.2 (delphi 6) and add some keys in windows registry
to change de dialect. But numerics field are imported as
TBytesField !!!!

2. use of BDE with ODBC Open Source/FireBird. But when i insert the
value 0.8, for example, it shows 80 in TDBgrid ou any dbcomponent
(note: ibconsole shows 0.8) !!!

Please HELP ME !!!

Note: if you gonna say to migrate to Ibx, etc., don't say nothing, my
application runs in Sql Server and DB2 too.