Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Firebird - slow queries
Author Woody
From: "Daniel Rail" <daniel@...>
> In this case, it's an acceptable answer. Because, the original post
> mentioned that it was running on a Linux system. Forced Writes works
> on Linux(too bad we can't say the same for Windows).

I can. Forced Writes on/off made absolutely no difference in speed once all
queries and procedures were optimized on a Win2k server. In our situation, a
Novell server is used for the "normal" network with a Win2k server running
the IB server. For testing, we turned Forced Writes off but there was
absolutely no difference in speed. What made the main difference in speed
was replacing some older machines running Win98 with Win2k machines which
seemed to eliminate a lot of network traffic. Even the remaining machines
still running Win98 increased their response time tremendously.

Woody (TMW)