Subject Firebird - slow queries
Author Roodie
First of all: I don't want to start yet another "My fav RBDMS is the best"
and a "xxx RBSMS is better" debate.
I yust want to hear your opinions in my case.

The server: a linux box, 512 ram, p-III-600, lots of disk space.
Database servers: Postgres 7.2, mysql. 3.22, Firebird 1.0
All freshly installed, only with the test database

I tested the performance of the above three RBDMS to see
which one is best suited to our needs.
We will NOT use mysql, since it lacks some important functions,
but I kept it as a reference.

There were two tables in the database:
table t1
t1_id: autoincrementing field, PK w. index
last int : timestamp
desctxt varchar (254): description

table t2
t2_id autoincrementing field, PK, w. index
t1_id int: a reference
data1 float
data2 float

I kept this simple, I just wanted a quick test.
The test program was a small php application
(php 4.1.1 using AdoDB 1.99, on the same
linux box)

There were 500-500 simple insert queries,
500 simple select
(select * from t2 where data1 < $i)
in a loop, and a select query with LEFT JOIN
ina loop too.

The result was interesting:
Connection time: 0.017 sec,
1000 insert: 0.38 (without an index)
500 select: 0.28
500 select w. LEFT JOIN: 0.28
Connection time: 0.02
1000 insert: 2.67
500 select: 0.27
500 select w. LEFT JOIN: 0.28
Connection time: 0.22
1000 insert: 2.06
500 select: 1.6 !!!!!
500 select w. LEFT JOIN: 1.6!!!

So I want to ask: where to look for this low performance?
The interbase interface in PHP is broken?
Or there is another issue I am not aware of?

Any help appreciated.

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